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Minnesota Heart Gallery is a photographic exhibit featuring portraits of youth who are, or have at some time been, in need of an adoptive family. The youth and their workers (or families, when applicable) have graciously allowed their photos to be exhibited for the purpose of bringing real live faces to a social challenge many people know little about. The youth whose photos are displayed herein may or may not still be awaiting an adoptive family. Unlike many states, Minnesota's Heart Gallery IS NOT the official photo listing of currently waiting children and youth. Profiles of currently waiting Minnesota youth can be viewed, and additional information can be requested, at www.mnadopt.org/waiting-kids/.

Enjoy your visit to Minnesota's on-line Heart Gallery, hopefully it will help you see that each one of Minnesota's 500 waiting children and youth is a real, live, jumping, smiling, smirking, grinning person who needs a skilled and committed family. Today.
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