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About Heart Gallery
Heart Gallery is a traveling photo exhibit that puts a face on the often invisible population of children and teens in need of permanent families. The first Heart Gallery program was started in New Mexico in 2001. There are now over 100 Heart Gallery programs, operating in almost all 50 states.
As a community, we have an obligation to the children in our care. Acting on our behalf, child protective services and family courts have severed the legal relationship between each of these youth and their parents. Our obligation as a community is not done until every youth is living in a safe, permanent, loving home.
The mission of the Minnesota Heart Gallery is to help children and teens living in foster care find permanent and committed families, and to raise community awareness of our shared responsibility to each of these youth. Minnesota Heart Gallery helps to restore a sense of belonging, dignity and hope in the lives of children and teens who are in foster care.
Heart Gallery relies on the efforts of many volunteers, in particular the photographers that donate their time and talents to capture on film the spirit of these incredible youth.
Each child appearing on this site has been able to be a part of Heart Gallery due to the efforts of a hardworking social worker. Be aware that there are many other kids and youth waiting for adoption in Minnesota. To learn more about these youth, please visit the Minnesota Adoption Exchange.
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